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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oops! I did it again!

ok, so it's not an oops....its marvelous!
 Today I did a balayage on one of my clients that is truly wonderful! This client is a hairdressers dream! Always open to new ideas and excited about change.
 Kirsten was even kind and courageous enough to let me document the procedure in pictures. ( I will tell you that I think the lighting in my station in pictures tends to look more yellow than it really looks in person.....)

First off, lets show you how she looked when she came in.  We have been high and low lighting her hair, and as she put it " the color is beautiful but I'm bored" Also she was tired of her haircut....a beautiful haircut, she says...but once again....she's bored.
The first thing we did was an all over application of Brocato Demi color 6/75. 15 minutes under the dryer and 15 minutes cool down before rinsing. 

oh! I really have to get used to working with a bottle application! I am already referred to as the "Jackson Pollack" hairdresser in our salon.  (For those of you who do not know, he is the artist who is famous for the paintings he created by standing back and literally throwing paint at the canvas) Here is the GOOD thing: The color comes completely off my clients skin leaving no residue on their faces.
  Next I washed the color off and placed her in the dryer while I made the cream lightener.  The lightener is mixed 2 to 1 with the creamy 20 volume developer. I applied the lightener using the balayage technique in the following way: every section below the crown section inverted triangles, the crown section I used pinchura technique.

In the picture it looks like I left the bangs out, but really I just set the pinches off to the side so they didn't hit her in the eyes.  I processed the lightener 25 minutes and then washed and conditioned with Vibracolor.
  Next I changed up her haircut a little bit to make it more loose and fun, although we are going to grow it out a bit and change the inversion, for today I layered all the interior and texturized it heavily creating a ton of movement.
The result was so great!  Fun, movable, fresh color, everything wonderful!
Thank you Kirsten, so very much for everything.  Thanks for your fun attitude, for your encouragement and for your undeniable beauty. I love being your hairdresser.

Thank you Brocato for supporting me and giving me tools to work with that deliver what they promise. Today you made ME look good!

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